Veteran Owned & Operated

Veteran Owned & Operated

BrFur Company

Growing up playing Cowboys and Robbers as a kid

Growing up in Wisconsin with a family of hunters and hard working blue collar folks has inspired me to run and operate BrFur Company. BrFur Co. is based in Stevens Point, WI¬† where we make handmade unique outdoor wear to include gloves, mittens, hats and other year around items from materials that were sourced locally and from around the U.S. These materials such as bison and wool were used by Native Americans who embodied resourcefulness and techniques to use every part of these animals to live and work the land they lived on. These practices were even further refined by men and women years later and have been proven to last, endure harsh treatment and protect even as better materials have been developed. Like our slogan says “New technology with old school quality” we take modern day materials combined with old school craft designs to produce high quality, handmade items for work or everyday wear!

U.S.A Made

It’s getting harder and harder to find products that are made here in the U.S.A of quality and durability. We truly want to provide something that not only looks good but also provides functionality and durability. Made right here in the Midwest!


We are so confident that you will enjoy BrFur products that we have created our guarantee warranty. If you are not satisfied with your BrFur purchase we will ether fix it for free or refund your money!